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Treatment of nerve

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  • Treatment of nerve, method to save a tooth.

    The treatments work or root canal nerve as it is known in the middle of dentistry, is the removal of the nerve of the tooth being treated. Once this work is to fill the void left with a material called cone of gutta.

    In general terms what happens to a tooth to which it has been practiced this treatment is to become detached elements present in the composition of the cone of gutta and deteriorate the tooth color is for this reason that in some cases resinan or place a crown thereon.

    Another process used by dentists in terms of root canals is that at present the problem again pierce and cut properly the cone and proceed to tooth whitening to return to its original color . The best thing you can do when this happens is to go to the dentist.

    Treatment of a tooth to be extracted nerve, occurs specifically when presented pulpitis, (so inflammation of the tooth pulp) as the procedure helps to save the tooth and do not miss the valuable piece. Infection is evidenced when the tooth is placed sensitive to temperature changes.

    Another evidence of the problem in the dental pulp is when there is pain and swelling, and when this happens it’s best to Vein Treatments early.