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  • The Periodontology , treatment for people of all ages .

    The periodontist is a specialist who cares for the health of your gums, focusing on prevention, detection and treatment of periodontal disease, formulating a treatment plan depending on the specific conditions of each patient. Parallel treatment is intended to teach the patient to control the problem by using different cleaning techniques.

    Periodontics/gum treatments is the specialty that focuses on gum disease problems or people, this type of treatment is done when the supporting tissue of the teeth begin to weaken or feel affected by various causes. With Periodontics prevents tooth loss.

    One of the evidence that a person needs this treatment is that bleeding gums brush, do not come into consideration when this happens can provide a permanent damage to the gum tissues, this problem can destroy your jawbone and dental structures.

    Periodontics/gum treatments can be applied even early people, for example in children 6-14 years that show signs of periodontal or gum diseases submitted by lack of oral hygiene or other reasons that have caused the condition of dental tissues.

    Both adults and children can have the same symptoms, that is, the one and the other may have bleeding gums when brushing, is this one of the best ads that is presenting a problem in the dental supporting tissue and it is necessary to fight soon.

    The cause for which we present the need for a Periodontics/gum treatment in most cases is the accumulation of plaque on the teeth as a result of not making a good brushing and remove debris from the teeth with dental yield .