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Clínica Dental Alfa


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  • Orthodontics helps people to have a healthy smile .

    The utility of orthodontics/braces is evidenced when people today struggle to maintain a perfect smile and excellent dental aesthetics, in some cases it is necessary to combat dental stacking or otherwise, with teeth that are far apart.

    Sometimes more than make orthodontics to improve the aesthetics of the persons, is done in order to achieve a good occlusion, whereby people can eat without complications at the time of making the chewing of the food consumed each day.

    Orthodontics/braces can not be done with a short, that is to say, considerable time is 12 to 36 months and requires all study radiographs and ratings that are done to the patient in order to achieve accurately determine in what the job at hand.

    The specialist is available to explain to the patient the whole process to be performed, the duration and the cost of it, certainly that once the treatment should go to the office to review every three months for the first year, to to look at the job is done satisfactorily.

    The patient should go to the doctor often, one of the reasons is that the specialist to give recommendations regarding the management of orthodontics and completed, the care they should have, among which is included the use of the retainer.