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Clínica Dental Alfa


Clínica Dental Alfa

Children’s Dentistry

  • Niña cepillandose los dientes
  • Niña con odontologa
  • Niño abriendo boca
  • Doctor y paciente
  • Paciente odontologia
  • Atendiento a paciente

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  • The children’s dentistry is a help to preserve the teeth .

    Aims dentistry care for teeth and control teeth related problems of the people, the Children’s dentistry is concerned with the care that must be taken in order to preserve teeth healthy children. Overall dentistry is a branch of medicine.

    Dentistry is responsible for the care, diagnosis and treatment of stomatognathic system problems of the people. Child dentistry actually focuses more on the care that children should be with their teeth, although often in children’s periodopatías.

    The adults Dentistry connotes healing, whereas in children is both preventative, why the dentists who treat children must have had a good guidance on this in order to run a good children’s dentistry instilling in them in care should have with their teeth.

    One of the care that must be taken when dealing with a child patient is to be treated with the fear of needles and syringes, to strawberries and yes to the dental unit you have in dental clinics. In children usually apply sealants, capturing slightly dental fissure.

    When performing a children’s dentistry work must be set if you are working with temporary or milk teeth or permanent teeth are longer, this depends on how the case of tooth decay or other trauma to the teeth of children arrive for treatment.