Edificio Alfa

Clínica Dental Alfa, one of the best dental clinics

Certification and experience two important aspects in dental clinics

It is important when choosing a clinic to perform different dental procedures, verify that this provides an excellent service in all offered treatments and count equally specialized in each of the same staff. Clínica Dental Alfa backed 14 years of experience and therefore experience in all its services.

Besides the concern of the clinic by providing each customer a good service, is aware of the responsibility we have to the environment, so it takes some procedures, which led her to be worthy of the green dental clinic certificate which a few dental clinics have it.

Certification is very important for dental clinics, as this not only gives them a good name, but helps them to refine each of the processes developed within. The dental clinic is working for Alfa international accreditation CODER hand, in order to achieve the desired quality standards.

The clinic has a spectacular location in the southern part of Costa Rica, near the sea, to go and aesthetic dental procedures is not a sacrifice but a pleasure. The mountains, the sea and the breeze around the clinic, make it a special place , which must be chosen from other dental clinics.