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Porcelain crowns

  • Esquema Coronas de Porcelan
  • Colocación corona de porcelana
  • Coronas de Porcelanas
  • antes y despues coronas
  • coronas antes y despues

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  • Porcelain crowns help correct serious dental problems.

    Porcelain Crowns are used in a special way when doing a root canal treatment and the tooth is so weak that any time you can go, even many people use abrasive creams are too damaging tooth enamel, thus causing the placing crowns.

    Can say that a crown is a prosthesis which is performed on a single tooth, in order to restore it, which is made wear or volumetric reduction, in order to create space for future porcelain crown. There are two ways you can perform this method: the first metal is not used and the second did.

    As for the second way Crowns are made of porcelain is using a metal structure, which is coated with porcelain to give this work the natural tooth appearance, the crown can be done on a natural tooth, but can also be performed on an implant where necessary.

    Some reasons why it is essential the dental application of this method:

    • The destruction of a natural tooth decay or fracture.
    • Protect a weak tooth from a root canal.
    • The restoration of a tooth has been fractured.
    • To restore a tooth aesthetically pigmented or have irregular shape.