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Dentures on implants

  • Prótesis sobre implantes
  • Dibujo de prótesis sobre implantes
  • Prótesis sobre implantes perfil inferior

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  • Dentures may be placed on teeth replacements implants .

    Implant dentures are performed when the original teeth are replaced by implants that are placed in the bone of one of the jaws and a prosthesis is required, that is, the implant serves to anchor the dental prosthesis, if the implants are number shall be upon them.

    When implants are not enough, it is a combination of implants and gum, however, the greater the number of implants best chewing distributes force between them does not imply that if done in combination prosthesis can not provide their normal function.

    Dentures any implant is categorized in two ways, fixed and removable, the removable implants are attached to and/or gums and can not be removed but for the intervention of a dentist, by contrast, the removable can be removed each time you want to perform oral hygiene.

    The materials used for dental prostheses are very similar to those of tooth enamel, that is, can not accurately identify that it is a prosthesis. When it comes to fixed prostheses should be checked once a year and you should do the dentist and also watch how they are implants.

    The best recommendation would be that instead of making a prosthesis, will embed all missing teeth through implants, the prosthesis will only much cheaper, this is the reason that people get dentures on implants.