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Porcelain veneers

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  • Porcelain veneers , a method for improving dental aesthetics.

    At present they are fashionable crowns in order to improve the smile of people , however , often presented an opportunity for some people is less wasteful , which is called porcelain veneers and do a good job to provide dental aesthetics desired .

    It should be clarified that this medium is different to the crowns that cover the entire tooth , veneers only cover the visible , in order to give people a better smile , the other difference is that crowns veneers are so thin as a contact lens , to be comfortable.

    Some cosmetic clinics have cutting edge technology that makes porcelain veneers specialists , this method can be a permanent solution to the teeth of people who want to look beautiful smile , even if they are fractured tooth .

    This method is applied to discolored teeth and / or slightly misaligned, as a means of correcting the problem. It is said that this dental treatment is taking place only 18 years ago , that is, is one of the most modern methods , however , is becoming the most popular.

    One of the advantages of porcelain veneers is that it requires less removal of tooth material to prepare , that when using crowns and also cost less money, making them more affordable for people who do not have a big budget.