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Teeth whitening

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  • Teeth whitening safe, for a pleasing appearance

    The teeth whitening today are massive demand , these can be done through different techniques, one of them is through laser whitening also known as LED . This procedure starts when placed over the teeth carbon peroxide gel after the laser is applied , this process releases oxygen molecules which is what helps the teeth to be whiter.

    Although light is not applied long continuous treatment for the next 24 hours where the patient must have some care , as not taking or eating foods that affect teeth , while avoiding smoking .

    This type of teeth whitening is preferred by many because it requires more than going to a session of one or half an hour , be careful what you eat in the day and wait for 2-7 years to re- make . Similarly not damage the tooth enamel which is very beneficial.

    Likewise, there are some combinations of carbon peroxide which do not require light to produce the desired bleaching effect , and these provide an anti prevent cavities and tooth sensitivity.

    The zoom whitening light is another of the most recommended to obtain the desired white . To perform this kind of teeth whitening , which is performed only professional is necessary to take into account certain requirements such as having a healthy mouth with no cavities, no plaque , no tooth sensitivity and likewise can not be performed in pregnant women.

    It is always best to consult the respective specialists. At Clínica Dental Alfa we are experts, please contact us.