What to do if you have bad breath

What to do if you have bad breathBad breath is a problem that affects 1 in 2 people, with the aggravation that there are at least 17 causes that originate it. As a whole, it is a whole problem derived from diseases of the oral cavity, oral hygiene, food and digestion.

In medical terms, bad breath is called “halitosis” and is defined as the set of unpleasant odors that are emitted by the mouth. It is a social problem that has as consequences such as:

  • The feeling that you can not talk at ease with other people, for fear of them perceiving bad breath;
  • A gradual loss of confidence and self-esteem and the consequent loss of opportunities to achieve work and social success.
  • Not having a sentimental life with the intensity that was wanted, so as not to cause discomfort to the couple.
  • Experiment with one and another medicine, which makes you lose time and money and even put your health at risk.

Way to treat bad breath

The best way to combat any evil, comes from the knowledge of its characteristics and its causes and in the particular case of halitosis, a dentist will be very helpful. In fact – although it is true that sometimes it requires specialized medical care – most of the time the solution does not go beyond the dental clinic.

The dentist accurately informs the cause of the bad breath, which achieves a great advance towards the solution, because it allows to act at the root of the problem. It is estimated that 75% of people practice oral hygiene incorrectly, hence the need to apply, in a systematic way, hygienic practices such as:

  • Brush well, floss and make a mouthwash with the right product, at least twice a day.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Use dental products with fluoride, if your dentist recommends it.

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