Tooth replacement

The loss of one or more teeth is depriving you of the ability to smile with confidence, as well as enjoy different types of food?

One of the specialties of the Clinica Dental Alfa, is the placement of dental implants that will bring you back the joy of smiling.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an achievement of modern dentistry which allows to replace a lost tooth for an artificial one that looks similar to the original.

In order to place the implant, an artificial root of titanium shaped like a miniature screw is inserted into the upper or lower maxillary bone. This root is used as a solid base on which porcelain crowns or bridges are placed, i.e. dental prosthesis.

The titanium root meets all the functions of the natural tooth root, with a dental implant a person can chew foods from different contextures, talk and express his/her emotions safely. If you have lost not only a tooth, but most of them, or even all of your teeth, dental implants are the solution to your problem.

Doing sports, speaking and sharing smiles safely, enjoying something funny without covering the mouth, tasting your favorite foods and make public presentations, all this possible with dental implants because since there is no concern your teeth will move or fall.

By placing a dental implant, you get:

  • One or more new teeth to replace those you have lost, without causing no damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Also, the ability to stop using removable dentures since the implants can hold full porcelain bridges.
  • Dental implants cannot be affected by decay, do not require root canals and on the other hand, they stimulate bone growth helping to stop its loss.
  • One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is regaining self-esteem and the ability to face all daily activities.

Consult the experts of our clinic to smile again safely. You can request an appointment via our number (506) 2770-9302 or our website. We’re at your service!