Dental health and stress

We consider stress as an evil that as penetrated all aspects of modern society, and which manifests itself through the most diverse physical and psychological symptoms, which must be treated before they cause severe health issues.

It’s considered as a XXI century disease, which takes away the opportunity to develop happy and free through muscular tension, sweaty hands, palpitations, fatigue, tiredness and lack of sleep.

It’s the same one which could be causing irritability, wrath, anxiety, panic, low concentration, and lack of interest in work, exercise or hobbies.

Stress can be caused by many diverse causes, such as: personal and family situations, such as marriage or divorce, the death of a relative or the birth of a child; causes related to work, such as work pressure, problems with college or with the boss; or health related, such as a disease.

Those who analyze stress will realize that in can also cause dryness in the mouth and lack or excess of appetite. If any of these symptoms are present, as well as lack of will to do any effort, such as personal hygiene, as well as negative habits (like tobacco and alcohol), we could then be facing a dental problem.

There’s then a risk of periodontal diseases appearing:

  • Canker sores: Small injuries in the mouth.
  • Temporo-jaw joint dysfunction.
  • Bruxism: Tightening and grinding if the teeth.
  • Dryness: Low level of salivation.
  • Gingivitis: Inflammation due to lack of dental hygiene.

The problems are bigger without visits to the dentist. Our recommendation is that you should consult a dentist as see whether, due to stress, you’re suffering from dental diseases.

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