Dental filling

Teeth affected by decay or cavities do not allow many people to fully express their emotions and show affection with a smile. However, new treatment methods will help them forget about this problem. In Clinica Dental Alfa we offer our customers high quality services since our professionals are specialists in aesthetic dental restorations.

How do we help our patients smile safely again?

For esthetic dental restorations, we use high quality resins, instead of amalgams or black resins. These materials can improve the appearance of the tooth is being treated. According to experts, this method requires more work, but does not bring any negative consequences for the patient and provides better results.

The aesthetic dental restoration is a process that not only seeks to recover the aesthetics of the teeth, but also return functions to teeth that have already deteriorated while allowing the tooth looks natural, this is why materials used for reconstruction are very similar to natural.

What is a restoration?

The first step performed by the dentist to restore a tooth is completely removing the part affected by decay. The affected area is cleaned and vacuum filled with a restorative material, and the holes that may cause the growth of bacteria are sealed.

Sealing these spaces with high quality material protects the restored tooth from microbes to appear again and from decay to affect the inner part of the tooth. For this purpose, materials like gold and amalgam, among others are used, however, the tooth surface must always be covered with a high quality resin to preserve the natural appearance of the tooth.

Note that the high quality resin is a tough material, however, its main function is to recover and maintain the natural state of the tooth is being treated.

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