Dental clinics in Costa Rica

Do you need the services of a dentist? When choosing a dental clinic, experience and professionalism are two fundamental aspects, since oral health is a very important part of a person’s well-being.

Key Points for Choosing a Dental Clinic

When choosing a clinic to perform dental procedures, it is necessary to ensure that the company provides a high quality service in all the treatments they offer.

In addition it must have specialized staff in each of the procedures, be it only revisions to more complex treatments such as orthodontics, nerve treatments, treatment for children, among others.

Technology and facilities are also important; since having a pleasant atmosphere that makes us feel less fearful improves our state of mind.

Why choose Alfa Dental Clinic?

At Dental Clinic Alfa we have extensive experience in each of the services, and this is what supports us in working with our patients.

We performed some procedures in a way that allowed us to obtain the Green Clinic certificate, which very few dental clinics in the country have. We are also working for international accreditation with the support of CODER, to achieve the best results.

Our clinic is located in a central and accessible place, so our patients can easily access, with ample and comfortable facilities for a better attention.

Some of the services we offer are, for example, cosmetic repair, prostheses and dental implants, oral cleaning and surgeries, among others.

If you require the services of a professional dentist we invite you to contact us, no matter if you are abroad or in another part of the country, we can book an appointment and we will gladly assist you. We’re at your service!