Brake Treatment

Orthodontics is the part of odontology which studies, prevents, diagnosis and treats the abnormities in shape, positions, relation and function of dental/maxilla/facial structures. It’s more than a perfect smile and excellent aesthetics.

The correction of tight, irregular, projecting or separated teeth is closely related to health, self-esteem and quality of life.

The benefits of orthodontics, or treatment through brakes, are many. For example:

  • Aesthetics: The first and, probably, most determinant in a person’s decision to undergo an orthodontics treatment, is physical appearance.
  • Bone and gums: Adequate occlusion and positioning of the teeth contributes to healthier bone and gums.
  • Oral hygiene: Proper alignment of teeth facilitates hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • The bite: Allows a better bite and corrects the malocclusions generated by pressure in the joint.
  • Digestion: It improves the ability to chew, allowing better swallowing and digestion of food.
  • Pronunciation: Misaligned teeth can cause pronunciation defects, a problem that can be improved and corrected with orthodontics.
  • Injuries: Misaligned teeth can cause injuries to the tongue or mouth.
  • Health: A person with beautiful teeth is going to work harder to maintain that privilege associated with oral health.
  • Quality of life: A full smile enhances self-esteem and increases a person’s quality of life.

Orthodontics or brakes, as it’s usually called, can’t be done with a short treatment; it usually requires from 12 to 36 months and X-ray studies, as well as feedback from the patient to determinate exactly the work that will be done.

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